VA Building Program

The West County Housing Corporation was established in conjunction with the City Council of Richmond,
Richmond Housing Authority and the Community Development Department in 1984 as a local conduit
for development of housing for special needs populations–seniors, homeless, first-time homeownership
for public housing residents to permanent housing residents of Richmond.
On November 1, 1986 this organization was authorized by the State of California to operate as a nonprofit
public benefit corporation for charitable purposes. In September 2017 after 32 years of services to
the City of Richmond, the Corporation dissolved and donated a portion of its profit and assets of over
900,000 to GRIP that included an 8-unit apartment building and all rehabilitation costs.
As of December 2017, we have 2 new “Happy” occupants who are glad to have their own place to call “Home.”
A Huge Thank you to the West County Housing Corporation

President, James MacMillan,
Secretary, Willis Burnett,
Treasurer, John Parodi,
At large members Theresa Talley-Wilkerson, Leon Hunter
and Clara Kates